Capacity Based Service

Capacity Based Service

Capacity Based Service
A leading supplier of advanced technological solutions for the travel industry
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Competence center
Client's internal systems, JS, Java
Project description

The goal of the service was to build a management system for a team of specialists trained to implement projects carried out by the client, for his end users. ASTEK was responsible for defining three competence profiles based on client's description, and then recruiting defined team. The entire recruitment process, including technical verifications, was conducted by ASTEK. As a result of our actions, we managed to maintain the assumed, ambitious growth rate of the team. Each employee recruited for implementation has been trained to implement the processes, unique systems and frameworks of the client. In the first phase, the customer was responsible for the training, and then ASTEK took over this part of the implementation. In the implementation phase, ASTEK was responsible for: knowledge transfer between employees, knowledge supplementation, improvement of soft and technical competences, as well as analysing the learning curve. In addition, a dedicated ASTEK manager kept records of the assignment of team employees to individual customer projects and the progress of task implementation.